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PayPal Subscription
To test drive the system, just click the 30 Day PayPal Free Trial button below and login your PayPal account. You will have 30 days to try all our easy to use features, and if at the end of the 30 days you wish to cancel, you simply go to the Cancel Page located in our site map. You are not obligated in any way to keep the subscription, but we find that 95% of our "would be" members will stay.

You will pick a username and password, and within minutes you will be able to upload your images. With DeadZoom's Template Maker, you can design your own template, using our large selection of borders, backgrounds, music, email icons and some other cool features.
Our "Welcome Email" will be sent to you when you sign up, and it contains detailed instructions on how to get started. Please remember, unlike other sites, WE WILL BE THERE TO HELP! Give us a try!
This is What You Get
Your Own Web Space: 50 Megabytes of space that can be upgraded at anytime. 50 Megabytes is enough room for about 1000 large images. You will have complete control over your files! (Deleting, moving, renaming is a snap!) Many members ask, "Will my images delete after a period of time?" Answer is NO Your images never delete unless you delete them!
Image Resizer: This feature makes resizing images a breeze. No more laboring over a difficult image editor. Click resize, select the size you want and boom! It's done!
Water Marker: DeadZoom now has a built in image water marker! Tired of other sellers stealing your images and using them on their auctions? Problem solved! A simple click on a link called "Edit Image" and it's like magic! Your image will pop up in a window where you will be able to put your ebay name, real name, or whatever you wish right on the image. Large font, small font, see through font. We have a nice selection of fonts to choose from, or you can use your own personal font if you wish!
Template Maker: Now you can have impressive, professional auctions with no knowledge of html. This is a great feature! You will be able to add music, backgrounds, fancy borders, unlimited images and even a no right mouse click image protector!
Link Maker: That gives you the code for your links. Just copy and paste into your auction. Also you will have access to the complete site. The html practice board, html chat board, and the entire site are at your disposal!
Customer Support: To help with the actual insertion of urls in online auctions.
Ebay seller pots_in_the_attic
Hi All, I am new to using your site and it is all that I expected...and MUCH more! Your outstanding Customer Service and willingness to answer all my questions.... more
Ebay seller glodie
Hello Deadzoom. You and I have been going at this for a long time now and I just want to say THANK YOU for doing a fantastic job. I'm not too sure just how many years it is that I your manager what a treasure he has in you... more
Ebay seller forgetmenot97
Without your constant help and calming effect I think I am on my way. Wish I could tell... more
Ebay seller knottee1
Your server has never failed pictures are always there. Your customer service exceeds my expectations every time. It is more than kind words... more
Ebay seller winkle11
Thank you to the Deadzoom Support people who have helped me (the idiot) this weekend. They gave good technical advice to a computer and picture... more