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My Template Maker
Okay! You have mastered uploading your files, making a folder, and copy & paste, what's next? Making a template for your auction! A template is the way to create your own unique auction, with your own information, backgrounds, images, and even music. Deadzoom has made it so easy to make your own personal auction, by providing the Template Maker.

Practice Board With Pop Up Window
Another HTML Practice Board with a pop up window! Need to just brush up on your HTML JAVA, STYLE tags and APPLETS? Well you just found a great place! Give it a try!

Zoom Plates Template Program
Ever wish you had an organized program for storing templates, emails or replies, chat board posts? Would you like a regular place to work on auction templates and source code you gather on the net? It's got room for thousands of templates, so don't worry about filling it up.

Cool Links
Open an eBay Drop off Store with No Franchise Fee, IrfanView Home Page, Favorite Advertising Collectible Links, Image Tweaker, The Big Blue Post, Complete List of Photoshop Tips and much more can be found right here!

Color Chart
So you don't like using hex colors? Can't remember the hex that goes with the color you are looking for? This is a simple down a dirty color chart you can use as a reference for backgrounds and fonts!