Ever wish you had an organized program for storing templates, emails or replies, chat board posts? Would you like a regular place to work on auction templates and source code you gather on the net? It's got room for thousands of templates, so don't worry about filling it up. ZoomPlates is completely free and we hope you like it. We are now offering another free program for making tables. It is easy to use and extemely handy, even if you already know how to make tables. DZ Table Wizard

Download Zoomplates Here
Download takes 9-10 minutes on 28.8 modem

The calulator is handy when you need one. The plus and minus are add and delete template. The binoculars are the search feature. You can search by # or word description. The wrench is to modify or change a template. So, click the wrench to change it. The two files is a copy feature. Just click it and you are ready to paste the template. The globe is to view the template in your default browser, so you can see how beautiful it is. The colored box on the far right is a hexadecimal color chart. So, you have one when you need it.

search templates delete template add template change or modify template copy the template for pasting view template in default browser handy dandy calculator hexadecimal color chart